Glass or Plastic Milk Bottles, or Cartons?

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We now have six bottles of organic milk delivered with our organic fruit bag. I would like to have a few more bottles. But as our fridge is not that big, six is all it would hold.

We often have to supplement these bottles with a plastic bottle. Still we are very blessed to have a supermarket that pays fair prices to farmers supplying organic milk, and the local council now recycles plastic bottles. Hurray!

It's those tetrapaks — a complex combination of card, plastic and something else — that drives me nuts.

20th September 2007, we learn:

"In the 1990s, supermarkets began aggressively pricing milk down, undercutting the doorstep prices. They wanted us to buy our milk from them and not the milkman, reasoning that if we did we'd probably do our weekly shop with them at the same time.

The result was that farmers saw the price they received for their milk fall from around 25p a litre in the 1990s to 16p a litre."

(Source: Customers Milked Over Dairy Prices)

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