Biofuels: friend or foe?

"Because the carbon in biofuels comes from the atmosphere the theory is that burning it could be carbon neutral. But producing ethanol from corn actually consumes as much fossil fuel as the ethanol itself replaces."  (Source: Victims of the ethanol rush: Loss of the native prairie, The Independent, 19th October 2007) 

The Big Question: Can biofuel help prevent global warming, or will it only make matters worse? (The Independent, 15th January 2008) This seems like a very balanced article on the subject.

Raising use of biofuels would harm the planet, says report (Times, 21st January 2008)

Biofuels make climate change worse (The Independent, 5th February 2008)

Rush for biofuels threatens starvation on a global scale (Times, 7th March 2008)

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Tesco green fuel ‘adds to climate change’ (Times, 14th April 2008)

Biofuel: the burning question (The Independent, 15th April 2008)

Leaders warn on biofuels and food (BBC 22nd April 2008):

"The global prices of wheat, rice and maize have nearly doubled in the past year, while milk and meat have more than doubled in price in some countries.

Such rises, combined with high oil prices, are causing increasing political instability in less developed countries across the world.

Food riots earlier this month in Haiti, which is highly reliant on imports of food and fuel, led to the deaths of at least six people, including a UN peacekeeper.

There has also been unrest in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Egypt, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Mozambique and Senegal."