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Or Organic vs GM foods?

20th April 2008: Exposed: the great GM crops myth (The Independent) Do also read related reports.

1st May 2008: The great organic myths: Why organic foods are an indulgence the world can't afford (The Independent)

"Sixty years ago, all Britain's food was organic; we lived only until our early sixties, malnutrition and food poisoning were rife. Now, modern agriculture (including the careful use of well-tested chemicals) makes food cheap and safe and we live into our eighties. ...

"Less than 1 per cent of the food sold in Britain is organic, but you would never guess it from the media. ...

"Sixty years ago all our food was organic so demand has actually gone down by 99 per cent.*

"Despite the "boom" in organics, the amount of land being farmed organically has been decreasing since its height in 2003. Although the area of land being converted to organic usage is scheduled to rise, more farmers are going back to conventional farming."

* I trust that this was written in jest. At least I didn't realize that I could buy organic until very recently?

And here is the rebuttal 8th May 2008: The great organic myths rebutted (The Independent)

19th June 2008: GM crops needed in Britain, says minister (The Independent). Find it hard to believe that government ministers think the big corporations are altruistic in their pursuit of GM agriculture.

22nd October 2008: Organic farming 'could feed Africa' (The Independent). It is hard to understand why the champions of GM agriculture cannot see the difference between farming a smallholding in India, Africa, etc., and the mega-farms that exist in north America. Methods which work for one type of farm (society, culture, school, bank, etc) might not work for another because it exists in a totally different context.