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Welcome to Eco-Ethical, a site where we explore today's ecological and ethical issues, dilemmas and philosophy.

Why should we choose organic cotton over conventional?

Should we buy organic or local food?

If I bought only local, what about those poor farmers in Africa who would lose their jobs?

Or the poor factory girls in China who would lose their jobs if I don't buy their cheap t-shirts, shoes, bras, belts, umbrellas, candles, etc, etc.?

Are glass milk bottles better than plastic? What about the energy used to clean and re-use the bottles?

Are plastic carrier bags all that bad? If shops do not give us those bags, what do we use to bag our rubbish? Are paper bags better than plastic bags?

What about those E-cloth made from polyester fibres which are supposed to clean without harsh chemicals? Sounds good? But what about the fact that these cloths do not biodegrade?

About Us

This website has been set up in conjunction with organically to explore some of the ecological and ethical dilemmas that many of us face.

The aim is not to dictate or prescribe answers and actions, but that with visitors to the site posting their opinions, feedback, and REAL accounts of what their own journey has been, it should help us think through the direction we wish to take.

Of course some of us might have heard all or most of these arguments before in other sites and other forums (or should it be 'fora'?). So what's new?

For a start, sometimes there is too much information in forums. So we'll try to collate all existing relevant information, pointing you to original sources. This then gives us a basis of where to move on to next.

Sometimes there is a desire to choose the eco and ethical way, but what if there are obstacles, real obstacles? How do we get around them? It will be nice to know how others manage to get around these barriers.

Also new stories about the environment and ethical trading are emerging every day and it will be particularly interesting to see how non-western nations are tackling these issues.

More pertinently, how are we here in the UK and other 'western', developed nations choosing to respond to social and economic changes in the parts of the world where development and economic inequality are so obvious?

This site is, and will remain, a 'work-in-progress', so please be patient with us. More importantly, this site can only get better with your feedback. Please leave your comments with us using this Feedback Form. Until then most of the information is written in the first person (I, my and me).

Thank you.

Siew-Peng Lee
Founder, organically

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